Our Story

Dear All I am very excited to tell you about a new venture I have embarked upon. A couple of months ago I started making African Hide bellows! I grew up in the Midlands in Natal with two brothers and a sister. My Dad was an unbelievable handyman and used to make the traditional fire bellows that we are all familiar with.

When we all got married, he made us each a set for our homes. Over the years so many people have asked “Oh my gosh… where do I find a set of Bellows?!”

I decided to take the concept of a Bellow, “Contemporize” it, as well as “African-ize” it! The result is a unique product, functional (fires indoor and for the braai’s) as well as an object d’ art.

Beautiful in your homes and or beach houses. They make an exceptional/original gift for any good man! What does one give a man these days? They’re the perfect Christmas gift, birthday present for any husband, father, uncle, 40th/50th birthday gift etc.

I hope to get them into all luxury game loges as well as tourist shops etc. I am making them in a variety of finishes, from blue ostrich and white Nguni (Great for Beach Homes) to printed snakes etc.

We can also have the gift “personalized” by providing a service whereby we will place a silver plaque on the back of the bellow with your own personal message… (Engraved).

Eg: Happy Anniversary My Love.

They really are an African Heirloom that will be passed down through the family! Please get back to me if you are interested. You can also swing past anytime and have a look. Also… Please forward this message on to anyone you feel may be interested!

Paula Church Robertson-Church Bellows 0824154310